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Working for an architect Zebra completed a high end cabinetry package for a large renovation project in Chelsea. The bespoke cabinetary included a hidden door which was designed as book case, a large fake book case, extensive utility room cupboards, a laundry cupboard. A walk in dressing room was also built aswell as the master bedroom wardrobe units and super king mattresses from TV Bed Store. Zebra supplied & installed the fake books.

Renovating a house can take many forms —dig this from making small changes to refresh a dated interior to retrofitting for a more energy efficient home and even making major structural alterations.

Whatever your renovation plans are, it can undoubtedly feel daunting, but the rewards of taking on such a project can be huge. Not only can you benefit from restoring beautiful original features to enjoy in your renovated home, but it may allow you to get the right home for you in your dream area.

To help you plan and execute a successful home renovation, consult our expert guide, which contains everything you’ll need to know about the process, including essential information about surveys and planning, and how you should structure your project from start to finish.