About Us


Zebra Property Group provides a tailored, end to end building service for residential and commercial property clients in London and Edinburgh.

We promise quality, efficiency and transparency

In more detail

The company was founded in 2012 and since then we have carried out 100s of building projects for clients across London and Edinburgh. We have worked for home owners, developers, investors and companies. We have carried out many different refurbishments, extensions, new build and commercial projects.

All our projects are directed by a project manager who is in charge of a project foreman and all the trades and any specialist sub-contractors that may be required on the project. This formula ensures the project runs to time and budget with the quality and standards that you would expect.

Zebra Property Group also has a property search and property management company. We can find your property, renovate / develop it and then manage it for you.

We promise quality, efficiency and transparency.