Multiple Units

A large proportion of ongoing Development in London (with current Permitted Development Rights) currently involves splitting Offices into Residential units, or Houses into Flats.  Each project has its challenges and concerns and we appreciate and have understanding of doing all aspects of each element.


Given Andrew and Jamie’s past experiences of being involved in large multi unit developments in their previous careers, we understand the need for an efficient and realistic plan to be set from the outset.  Most developers, whether full time or part time, have their project schedule set out well in advance with a clear financial plan in place incorporating finance costs, build costs, utility costs and of course the sales/letting timeline.  We understand all of this, and the need for honest feedback from the outset in order to make this plan feasible and to know where each aspect of the project is heading.


Multi unit schemes tend to have a phased completion, bringing certain units forward first in order to release capital to either complete the final units or ease the strain on the finance costs.  We have the capability to understand which aspects of the development will need attention in order to bring these units forward first, combined with the idea that these units will need to be sold/let out.  Therefore, how the sales process can be managed in such a way so the incoming purchaser/resident will not be put off by the ongoing build is key.


As in many schemes, there are a number of unknowns which crop up, and in larger schemes, these tend to happen more often than not.  We are a dynamic team who are able to deal with problems as they arise, and keep the client informed at every step of the way.