House Building

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Building a home from scratch can prove to be a tricky affair at the start.  Making sure everything has been provided for, find and to an appropriate level (ie adequate foundations, services, utilities etc…) before construction starts on site is key.  It is about ensuring that all potential problems are highlighted and discussed before work starts allowing for a smooth and problem free build process.  Once the project has started on site, it is a fairly simple process to completion as the issues often faced with a refurbishment (ie where issues are hidden behind masonry/floor boards etc…) do not come into play.  We have wealth of experience at every phase of the process and always provide a finish the highest quality possible.


No project is perfect from the outset, which is why it is key for us to be able to be flexible and dynamic about the way we approach each project from the start.  Every scheme is different and we offer honest ideas to compliment each situation depending on what is the most appropriate for the scheme.


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